Rallies are held every second Saturday and third Thursday of the month from February to November.

Each day begins with setup, and 1 hour group lessons (no more than 2 riders per lesson) are scheduled in the morning and afternoon.

We always come together for lunch to eat, debrief and be social. 

The day concludes with the pack up . 

In advance of the rally, members elect if they wish to have their lesson in the morning or the afternoon, or even multiple lessons during the day.

Members are required to complete one small duty during the day, typically being setup, set-down or bring lunch supplies, etc. 

The 2024 Rally Calendar as well as notable training day and competition schedule is located on our home page. 

Our pool of coaches include:
Wendy Barker, Wayne Brush, Dave Carey Elaine Greene, Don Hawkins,  Hazel Hikins, Michelle James, Dwight Pedlow, Chris Sharpe, Liz Wakley-Dawes, Krystal Wang.

At times rallies may include lectures and sometimes during the year the club also offers the opportunity to ride training tests during the rally.  

Rally dates and coach bookings are found here.